A Night That I Will Never Forget

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Shared by Timmy from Roslindale, MA

June 17th 2008 a day that I will never forget. I took the day off from work because the thought of seeing the Boston Celtics win Banner 17 is something that was not going to help me focus at work. My buddy Mark and I got season tickets right after we heard the news about Kevin Garnett getting traded to the Celtics because this was a once in a lifetime chance to see 3 Hall of Famers go get Banner 17.

Timmy Celebrating Banner 17

I grew up a huge Celtics fan because of my father, who passed 12 years ago. He went to Larry Bird night at the old Garden and some of the Lakers games in the 80’s. My dad was a hardcore Celtics fan. He took me to 20 plus Celtics games, as many we could get to. He would tell me the who’s who and what I should know. There is something special when you look up to your father when it comes to sports. He brought me to Reggie Lewis night, which was an emotional night because my dad thought he was going to be the next lifelong Celtic. I have been to a lot of great Celtics games, opening night at the Fleet Center, the incredible come back versus the Nets in 2002, but this night was different. I thought the night was going to be real bad because I got caught speeding in Brookline on the way there. Once this happened I was sick to my stomach. Mark and I got into the city a few hours before the game to do our routine, park at the Government Center Parking Garage, Halftime Pizza, the Greatest Bar, and then head up to Section 315 row 15. The first quarter was intense and I was only 23, but I could feel grey hair growing.

Timmy’s Celtics Tattoo For His Father

The moment I knew that Banner 17 was ours is when Posey and House (who’s jersey I was wearing that night) hit back to back 3s in the second quarter. I got chills down my spine like my father was right there. We were up 12 or 13, I hugged my buddy and said tonight is the night, I can feel it. With about 7 minutes to go in the 4th quarter, my knees started to shake; I sat down and broke out in tears because if my father was still around he would be here enjoying this, just like I am sure he enjoyed the 3 championships in the 80s. We lit up cigars that night in the Garden; it was for Red and for my dad. I’ve never been so happy in my entire life. A few months later I got a tattoo with Celtics logo and my father’s initials. At that moment I said, I Am A Celtic. Bottom line, June 17, 2008 was the best day ever and the best banner moment I could have because I was with my dad again celebrating what we both love, The Boston Celtics.

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