An Olympian’s Banner Moment

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Kayla on the parquet before a recent Celtics home game.

Shared by Kayla Harrison – World Champion in Judo, Headed to London to represent Team USA in the Olympics

My Banner Moment would probably have to be the 2007-08 season when the Celtics won the Championship. I had just moved to Boston and I was living in the athlete house with 4 people from L.A.! Needless to say it was an exciting time to be a Boston fan. We had a huge rivalry going as a team, we were all personally invested and it felt great to come out on top! I hadn’t really been a basketball fan before but the Celtics won me over during those Finals!

Never Say Die

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My Memories of the 1981 Sixers – Celtics Playoff Series

Shared by Tom from the Lexington, MA

For as long as I’ve followed sports, I’ve always been a Celtics fan. I started following them here in Greater Boston at the end of their great Championship run led by Bill Russell. My favorite moments were watching the Celtics’ great comeback against Doctor J and the 76ers in the 1981 Playoffs. I happened to be going to college in Philadelphia at the time and relished every moment of their comeback victory. Sixers tickets were easy to purchase, unlike Boston. So I actually saw a couple of the games in Philly without paying a scalper. I bought the tickets a day before the games were played. I remember the Celtics’ intensity, pride, and never quit attitude.

The 6th game was particularly memorable. The Celtics were down by 17 points and came back to have the second of three long comebacks. I remember Bird’s block of Dr. J and just moments later Bird sinking a long jumper to put the Celtics ahead. I also remember how Andrew Toney gave the Celtics fits but missed a last second shot on McHale’s block. The last three games were extremely exciting. But what I remember most is the reaction of Philly’s fans. Johnny Most, I believe, needed protection so that he could safely broadcast the games back home. Philly’s fans deserve their reputation so I kept quiet while the Celtics played.

After the 6th game, I knew the Sixers were done. I had a lucky Celtics t-shirt that I started to wear when the Celtics were down 3-1. And I wore it through the rest of the playoffs until they won the Championship. I don’t know what I ever did with my magic shirt. I wonder whether it would still work today.

Flying ALL Of My Colors

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Steven’s Colors Flying

Shared by Steven from Mashpee, MA

My Banner Moment was an unusual one for many reasons. It started when I won an NBA Playoff bracket contest on Facebook during the 2006-07 season. The prize for this contest was a trip for four to San Antonio to meet David Stern and attend the ring ceremony and banner unveiling before the opening game of the following NBA season. When we met the commissioner, we chatted about the Celtics’ new acquisitions (Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen) for a bit and we informed him that we WOULD be seeing him again next year when he would be in Boston for the hanging of our 17th banner. He laughed and said “I don’t know about that.”

Only a few months after we met with the commissioner, I was deployed to Afghanistan and ended up on a very small base near the border of Pakistan. I followed each and every Celtics game that season, as I always do, but it was a little more difficult that season. When the playoffs started in 2008, I found myself waking up at 4:30 in the morning to go watch my team in the small dining facility where we had a television. I only missed 2 playoff games and that was because I was out on missions.

Steven and His Friends with Commissioner Stern

The morning the Celtics beat the Lakers to win Banner 17, I ran around telling anybody that would listen about what my team had just done. I was “spoken to” by a few high ranking officers for not being in uniform at the time (I was wearing my Pierce jersey) and they did not seem as excited as I was. The next morning, I went down to the base headquarters and demanded they raise my Celtics flag under the stars and stripes that day to celebrate the only way I could there. It took some convincing but the big wigs finally agreed and flew my Celtics flag. I never did get to meet David Stern in Boston and say “I TOLD YOU SO!” like I wanted to but I will never forget the day the Celtics won #17 and when I got to see ALL of my colors flying.

First Celtics Game 

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Sean In His Celtics Gear!

Shared by Sean from Marshfield, MA

One day, I got tickets to a Celtics game. I was so happy! I couldn’t wait! When I got to the game I freaked out. When I got to my seat , I had my Celtics gear on.

The Ultimate Game

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Shared by Arjan “Joe” de Bruin from the Netherlands

In 1973, as a very young coach from Holland, it was the first time I visited the Boston Celtics training camp at Buzzard Bay. I would return in 1975 and 1978. I also worked as a coach in the Celtics Rookie Camps and other basketball-camps. The game I had the privilege to see at Boston Garden was the Ultimate Play-off Game between the Phoenix Suns and the Boston Celtics in 1976. Game 5 that ended with the Celtics winning after 3 OT’s. I have that game on dvd and I have watched it at least 20 times. It still gives me goosebumps. Being there at the Boston Garden and remembering all the Celtics greats I watched earlier that season in training camp makes me a very happy person. I am very grateful for all the people of the Celtics that made it possible for me to be at the Camps and at that game. The coaches, Tommy Heinsohn and John Kililea, Red Auerbach, Howie McHugh, Jan Volk and the players who were always willing to answer all my questions about our beautiful game. I learned so much watching practices and games and talking to the people that were there. When I talk to all the young players I am coaching right now, they think of me as very old school, but this is a memory that I will treasure the rest of my life. Yesterday I watched Miami @ Boston on NBA-TV and all those memories came back again. The history, the Pride, the players and all the people at the Garden I once knew make me proud to be a Celtic Fan. Thank you Boston Celtics, hope to be back some day. Regards. Arjan “Joe” de Bruin

My First Celtics Game

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Jaime’s View From Her Seats

Shared by Jaime from Hughson, CA

I have always been a Boston Celtics fas as long as i could remember. I remember growing up watching Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics. I am now 27 years old a had never been to a game where the Celtics came to California. Not because i didnt want to go or because i wasnt a true fan, but the real reason is because i would have never been able to fit into a seat comfortably. I have always been overweight my whole life and never been able to go to any sort of sports game that had arm rests in because of my size. That is untill this past year where i lost 100 lbs and devoted myself 6 days a week to a gym and lost a total of 10 pant sizes. I have not yet reached my weight goal but did reach my goal to see the Boston Celtics play for my very first time. The game couldnt had been more ment to be, we sat up front right next to the Celtics bench and the Celtics defeated the Warriors in the last 30 seconds thanks to Kevin Garnett who made the last jumper. well that is my story of my first Game that i will never forget.

Beat L.A

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Many people don’t know the true meaning of the chant “Beat L.A.” I DO as I believe I am the one who started it. I got married april 18, 1982. my cousin had season tickets to the Celtics and knowing what a huge Celtic fan I am he gave tickets to me and my new wife for a playoff game vs. the sixers as a wedding gift. Now I don’t know the exact date of the game although I could look it up..and I don’t know if it was game 5 6 or 7, but again I could look that up too because all I know is that Philly was beating us pretty good and it was obvious we were going to lose and that would put philly in the finals against the lakers.i was pretty dissappointed and for some reason i just thought of chanting “beat L.A.!” towards the sixers of course and soon everyone in the garden was chanting it! i think of that to this day and feel angered when the fans chant that at the lakers cause to me that isn’t what it meant or even makes sense…but i am an AVID celtic fan through the good times and the bad…i even used to listen to them on my am transistor radio when i was around 7 or 8 years old….that would be 1964 or 5. “sam jones stops-pops-BANG”…johnny most. .

Pure Joy

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2008 Championship Parade

Shared by Bill from Sherborn, MA

I took many photos that day in June of 2008. Many pictures came out blurry. Some contained the the hands or backs of heads of the many fans lining the streets of Boston to celebrate with the Celtics their 17th Championship. This picture was not posed, but to me it expresses it all: all the hard work, all the years of waiting for another championship and just pure happiness.

How I Became a Celtic Fan Living in New Jersey

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Shared by Bill from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

In 1965 my 7th grade class field trip was to the World’s Fair in New York. Arriving at the park that early morning, my first pavillion visit was at the Shaffer Beer Pavillion. Inside was the entire Boston Celtic Organization. From Red Auerbach, to Bill Russell, John Havlicek, Tommy Heinsohn, Sam and K.C. Jones, the entire team was there. I was so amazed to meet them, I wound up missing the entire World’s Fair completely. I stayed with the Celtic team from early morning until I had to get back to the bus. Ever since I’ve been a Celtic fan. They were all like my friends now. And Tommy was born in Union City New Jersey, same as me..! And now I’m 60 living in LA with all Laker fans, but I still have all my Celtic memorabilia… Love my Celtics!

A Dream Come True

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Shared by Trevor from Fargo, ND

I’ve been a life long Kevin Garnett fan my entire life. When KG finally proved his nay-sayers wrong, and won his 1st championship in 2008, it was a dream come true for me. My emotions got the best of me as I watched him kiss the floor after the game 6 win. All the sweat, all the training, all the devotion and sacrafice, finally surfaced through. I don’t know any player in the NBA that works harder than Kevin Garnett, and I don’t know any player in the league hungrier to win than Kevin. Ubuntu couldn’t have been a more perfect word for that 2008 team, and victory couldn’t have been sweeter against my most hated player and team, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.